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The "Aikido & Aikibujutsu Tanren Kenkyukai" (or Aiki-Buken for short). The purpose of this organization was to accurately rebuild concepts and techniques from the older styles of aikibujutsu used during the feudal times of Japan, as well as to study and continue to develop the "softer" styles of modern aikido. Masaji Saito-sensei of the Orange County dojo has been practicing aikido since 1986 and has achieved the rank of 2nd dan and the instructor rank of Shidoin.

The name Aikido & Aikibujutsu Tanren Kenkyukai can be translated as "Applied Aiki-Based Martial Systems Research Organization". Aikido refers to the modern methods as popularized by Ueshiba Morihei, while Aikibujutsu refers to the older styles of budo, or martial arts, used by the former samurai class. Tanren is the process during the forging of a sword in which the blade is hammered and folded, reducing the carbon content and eliminating impurities to create a strong foundation for the remaining steps of forging. Kenkyukai defines as a research organization, or society. Being a research organization, the Aiki-Buken has incorporated methods and theories found in both pre and post war aikido/aikijutsu systems that were deemed as useful. Though there is a Yoshinkan Aikido influence, the approach to training and application differs significantly from this root art.

The Aiki-Buken incorporates extensive taisabaki (body movement), ashisabaki (footwork), as well as kumite (paired exercises), jiyuwaza (single and multi-person free sparring) and a diversified curriculum of effective techniques. Additionally, supplemental teachings include tantojutsu, bojutsu, jo-kumite, torite (arresting techniques), Edo torimonojutsu (Pre-Meiji arresting methods), te-hodoki (unbinding methods) and various other methods. Please see the links below for more detailed explanations.

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